Indigo on pre-dyed silk

Colour Project – Indigo, Part 6

For my final indigo dyeing session I decided to experiment with some silks I had previously dyed, some over 20 years ago!

Using the sewing pin disks. Right – Scrunch dyed, not overly successful – it’s not much different to the start colour.

Fold and clamp on bright pink silk

Purple fabric rolled with a sushi mat

A very small piece of deep pink/red resisted with a large peg.

This is the most interesting piece – I found it in the bottom of the pot when I tipped out the exhausted dye over a week later…I think the fabric started out like the second piece above.

I recently came across the The Museum of Natural Dye Arts in Korea website, it has a great page on how to dye with Natural Indigo. Step by step pictures, plant to fabric.

Indigo dyeing has been one of the most enjoyable areas to explore during this colour project. I feel it is more likely to be incorporated into my work than any other technique I have played with…




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