Is It Procrastination?

It is a week and a bit since my return from Fibres West and I am well and truly back to reality. I have deadlines in the not too distant future for several exhibitions/projects. twentyone+ and Common Threads Wearable Art 2016 are two of them. None are overly pressing right now and each has its own “wait”. I had to wait until ReMida was open at a time I could get there to collect more goodies for one project (of course I have brought home two teddy bear skins, a cooler pack, 3 sheets of foam and another upholstery fabric sample card along with the items I went to collect)

REmida 3Remida 2REmida 1

I am waiting for a bit of Josh’s time to photograph a work in progress that will then be made into a thermofax screen. He is currently days away from submitting his Honours exegesis, so I need to wait for this.

I am waiting for a book I have ordered to arrive…I know it is the key to the inspiration on a third project.

So this past week and a bit I have been hand stitching, simple stitches, running stitch and colonial knots into some small pieces of cut away works.

Stitch 2Stitch 1They are not urgent, they are fun to do, on one level it appears to be procrastination… on another level this process of simple stitching for no great purpose is settling my mind after the information and inspiration overload filled week at Fibres West, where my mind was exploding with new ideas and directions.

Stitch 7Stitch 5The urgency to start more new works, buy more stuff tools/materials/books to do it with has lessened over this week and a calmness to continue along my planned path has increased. The invaluable new skills and ideas from the Fibres West experience are still there, just put into perspective.  So at this point in time it is not procrastination or avoidance, simply a little space to settle back into my routine.

Oct 19 005Oct 19 008


My roses produced their stunning spring flush whilst I was away – they didn’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Is It Procrastination?

  1. Procrastination certainly isn’t one of your traits! 🙂 I love the small hand stitched pieces. I have taken note of the “small”. I am still hand stitching “big” – that just invites procrastination…..

    • You are right, it isn’t one of my traits, it took me a while to figure out what was really happening. “Small” equals a sense of achievement 🙂

  2. Ilka White would call this “living in the present”. Hard to do when one has so many commitments that involve planning forward. So many congratulations on living while actually waiting!

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