It’s a Matter of How You Look at Things

It’s a Matter of How You Look at Things is a collaborative body of work by textile artist Anne Williams and myself. Opening tonight it is on show at Mundaring Arts Centre  from 5 February – 3 April, 2022.

The seeds of this exhibition came when I started daily walking in January 2020. I chose to walk the same route each day around my inner-city suburb, with the simple goal of exercise. This provided time to think without the need to think about where to walk. During the repetition of the daily walk, I began to observe daily, weekly and seasonal changes at a similar time each day. Starting as place markers of my distance travelled, certain landmarks also gradually revealed more detail and depth as my visual vocabulary of the route expanded. Curiosity and questions arose.

There is inspiration all around if we will but look closely enough, it just depends how you look at things.

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