It’s been a fortnight of finishing

Four deadlines over a couple of weeks in February seemed like a long way off back in the second half of 2017. I put my hand up for them all, and I’m delighted to see the wonderful results produced by the consistent and hard work by myself and others involved in each of these projects .
[email protected] 2017 is a program I have presented and mentored over the past six months to help artists design, create and enter a garment into the 2018 Wearable Art Mandurah (WAM) competition. We had our final session and photography day last Saturday and after a few rather late nights, the participants have created some amazing garments. Seeing their works completed and come to life on a live model was breathtaking for all of us.
I’ve been working on my own WAM entry since last October and although 99% finished before Christmas, a few final details took several days, and then there was photography, artist statements leading to submission last week.
Sadly, you’ll have to wait until after Judging day to see any of these garments. Instead here is Mannequin Monroe, a new resident in the studio, a gift from our local Buy Nothing group. She has had a long career in Aherns Dept. store, then Behind the Monkey modelling jewellery and most recently has spent six months lonely in a shed. She will be busy modelling Wearable Art garments soon.
My gorgeous niece was our model for all of the WAM garments, and back in June 2017, she decided to make her own gown for the year 12 Ball, which was last Friday night. My mother, sister and I helped her through the processes of creating her stunning lace covered dress, meeting together about once a month. As you can see she looked stunning and rightfully won best dressed on the night.
My latest Down Under Textiles Magazine column was also due among these.
On a very busy day in the middle of all this I visited Annette Nykiel’s beautiful exhibition Meeting Place, which is on at Spectrum Project Space until 17 February 2018.
“…My edginess quietens as my mind wanders to moments in the country walking the ground…”  quoted from the exhibition catalogue.
Yes, this is how I felt, walking into the space, a sense of calm.
Well worth a visit if you can.

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