It’s Nearly Christmas Time

I made a self imposed deadline of Christmas to finish my wearable art piece for Wearable Art Mandurah (WAM). The garment is not completely finished however it is 95% there and could pass for the photo shoot and entry due in February.  I now have the freedom to relax and enjoy Christmas and (my favourite day) watch the Boxing Day Test and doing NOTHING! This week I will start Christmas preparations. By pushing ahead on my garment, I haven’t done any shopping, nor preparations for Christmas. This week, several trips to the shops and some homemade presents and cooking should bring us to Christmas, which should be a joy rather than a massive stress (which it has been in previous years long ago).There is nothing like a deadline to help you find the time, push through the hard bits, make decisions and go for it. Especially when a new and exciting project is just out of your reach. This garment has felt like a hard slog for a lot of the making time, and I’ve celebrated the achievement of this deadline.Time now to sit back, relax and allow this piece to settle and be tweaked as needed…in January!
Back to Christmas – I love seeing the stunning Western Australian Christmas Tree, Nuytsia floribunda the largest mistletoe in the world! These photos were taken yesterday on an unusually wet and dull December day, in our nearby bushland. If you would like to know more, there’s a rather cutting description of it in Australian Geographic, and more sympathetic description in Australian Native Nursery .
I wish you joy and happiness for this festive season and great things for the New Year.  I have big goals for 2018 and resolutions that can’t be broken. Details soon.

4 thoughts on “It’s Nearly Christmas Time

  1. Thanks Louise ! I have recently set up a mosaic studio in the garage ( I’ve been saying I wanted to do that for 3 years since I did my first weekend workshop) and I am loving it ! I have no deadlines to meet or time restrictions as I had in the past. It is a really relaxing place for me.
    I am sure that you will have a wonderful Christmas filled with everything that is important – love, family, celebration and champagne ! Love to all the Wells family.
    Janette Mattingley

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