I’ve Got Nothing to Wear!

I  am delighted to be a finalist in the Collie Art Prize (CAP) 2020, on show at The Collie Art Gallery until 5th April 2020.

Title: I’ve got nothing to wear!

Artist Statement:

My relationship with clothing is complex. What I choose to wear each day represents my face to the world, how I feel, what I want to express. How will I fit into the groups I wish or am expected to belong to?

The choice becomes more complex with a mix of who I think I am in my many and varied roles, current body image, seasonal weather and mood.

The fabrics for this artwork are discards from the artists own wardrobe; loved clothing worn out, some rarely worn, others purchased for a single purpose and others “What was I thinking?”

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing to Wear!

  1. Dear Louise,

    That is a beautiful piece and I love the concept. You always find the depth in the mundane and present it in a fresh way.

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