I’ve never liked orange, but now…

Colour Project – Orange, Part 2

I have to admit it – I have never liked the colour Orange. It dates back to my 1970s childhood…and my mother who loves the autumn tones (and they complement her colouring). One of the things my husband said when I proposed starting this colour project was “What are you going to do when you have to do a colour you don’t like?”  This is part of the challenge – to explore things I wouldn’t normally do, colours and techniques…stretch the comfort zone.

It appears I am not alone, apparently people have very strong opinions about orange. Having to look closer at the colour I realize that it is when, where and how orange is used…I don’t like orange kitchen bench tops, orange school chairs, although a small accent can really lift things. I love oranges, mandarins, pumpkin… the zing of bright orange and hot pink. My two sons have lovely strawberry blonde hair and my mum a stunning  auburn. I still don’t imagine I will ever wear orange though…


Lots of the samples I have created this month are 3D, not many soft curves…maybe my reaction to orange!

(left and below left) Pinwheels.

(right and above right) Silk fabric stamp print, stitched, cut and folded.

The double sided fabrics in all these samples are bonded with visoflix. It gives structure to the fabric and minimizes fray on the cut edges, as well as giving the option of a contrasting fabric.


Stamp print, stitched and cut out,    re- assembled and attached with French Knots.




(left) Same stamp as above, differing treatment.

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