Judging Day

Hairspray, glitter, slight nervousness, lots of excitement – these are the elements of Judging Day for the Common Threads Wearable Art Competition which was held on Saturday. I had the great pleasure of being a wardrobe assistant. This meant I dresses two other models as well as my own for designers who were not able to attend the day. It also meant that I got to see many of the amazing garments. Here are a few stunning detail shots.

Judging 10 Judging 11 Judging 12 Judging 13 Judging 14 Judging 15 Judging 16 Judging 17 Judging 20 Judging 21 Judging 22Judging day is full on. Forty garments were judged in the chosen category: Avant Garde, Sculptural, Upcycling or Gillan Peeble Youth Award. Designers dress their model, amazing hair styles are created and make up is applied to complement the garment theme. A professional photography shoot and then a closed judging session followed by feedback to the designer complete the process. All this within a 1 1/2 hour time slot per garment!

Judging 1 Judging 2 Judging 3 Judging 4 Judging 5 Judging 6 Judging 7 Judging 8 March 1 2015 002

Judging 18Waiting for Judging.

Judging 9Judging 25Judging 19We now all anxiously wait to see if our garments are selected for the Showcase in May when the winners are announced.

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