Just Down The Road

I always carry a good quality small camera in my handbag. I often see great images/colour/texture when out and about…much to the annoyance of my children… And too often it’s whilst I’m driving, or in a hurry somewhere too busy to stop and take a photo. Sadly, the next time you pass by the sunlight has changed or the paint peeled piece of wood has been moved!

I was delighted last week to see in my own street some stacks of gorgeous blue and cement splattered scaffolding. The light was right and I knew later in the day they would assemble it… The tradesmen laughed when I said I am an artist and I would like to take some photos of the scaffolding.

Scaffold 1Interestingly, I received the latest copy of Surface Design magazine later that day and saw an article on Jiseon Lee Isbara and her work beautiful work Meaningless Squares.

Scaffold 2 Scaffold 3 Scaffold 4 Scaffold 5 SCaffold 6Okay, there are a few here… Scaffold 7 Scaffold 8 Scaffold 9 Scaffold 10 Scaffold 11 Scaffold 12 Scaffold 13 The scaffolding stacks have been removed and assembled, now serving their original purpose; to assist with the building of what looks to be a lovely extension to a tired old house.


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