Colour Project – White Part 6

Over the next week we are staying in Kalbarri, a small coastal town just under 600km north of Perth. It is hot (high 30s) and dusty! I pack a small selection of white fabrics, threads and and bits to try…

More sheers – It’s hot and bright in January in Australia…I keep going back to this theme all month.

It looks interesting both sides – ties on one side and seed beads and knots on the other.


This took ALL day, traveling in the car.

The thread is the nylon “ribbon” often used to crochet coat hangers. It is a simple running stitch.

Black background.





White background

It also looks great with light coming through it.



The stunning Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs glowing in the late afternoon sun.





Same nylon ribbon on georgette with French knots.





5mm Cotton tape gather stitched onto cotton lawn.






The Murchison River Kalbarri National Park








Bits of all the things I took on holiday.

French knots, running stitch, recycled buttons,cotton, satin polyester.







This design was inspired by a wooden lattice screen I saw in a magazine. The embroidery thread is quite old and stained…I like the effect.






Another sheer using nylon ribbon. It is difficult to see what side of the fabric the running stitch is on.





The Pink Lake, Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory, 80km south of Kalbarri.

This beautiful lake appears pink naturally when the algae “blooms” and produces beta carotene.




Georgette strips sewn onto georgette fabric using a running stitch.

All of these samples would benefit from a larger more taut frame. It would make it easier, quicker and straighter.

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