Kerr Grabowski Workshop

Colour Project – Indigo, Part 2

I was  delighted to host at my house USA Textile Artist Kerr Grabowski  in early October when she came to Perth as part of her Australian tour. Kerr ran a two day Advanced Deconstruction Printing workshop for WAFTA. All the participants had previously attended workshops with Linda Stokes on Breakdown Printing, so already understanding the basics we could really explore the ideas and techniques for Deconstruction Printing Kerr demonstrated. She is a lovely lady and a wonderfully generous tutor showing us freely the techniques she has developed.

One of Kerr’s suggestions was to use one item of inspiration in various ways throughout the workshop. I chose to an image my son had drawn. I also decided to work only in black and white… interestingly the black dye became indigo blue as it lightened so this post has become part of the Indigo series…

Right: Kerr demonstrating using a dye filled syringe to draw directly on the screen.


Above – This piece on silk is made by drawing with a syringe directly onto the screen. Right – Close up of the image I used throughout the workshop.

In this piece the screen texture was made using sections of my image made in Hot Glue Gun glue. Below – Close up of the images.


The screen for the large print above was made by painting wax over a manutex syringed image. The manutex is then washed out to leave a positive image to be printed.

The light background print is a wax rubbing of the Glue Gun images directly onto the screen. The negative of this has printed.

Close up of the darker large images.

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