Light at the end of the tunnel

With a couple of deadlines fast approaching I have been very busy trying to get work to the point that I know I will get it finished on time. In the last two weeks I have –WorkingWorking 2Working 3Made more transfer prints. I think I am up to about 65 A4 sheets for this project.

Working 10Working 9Cut out a lot of very small pieces for fabric… over 2000!Working 7Working 8Machine stitched so much I should must take my machine in for a service.Working 6Working 5Working 4Working 11Piles of motifs at various parts of the process.Working 12Working 13Edging…worikng 14And finally stacks awaiting assembly… I have quite a few hours (in reality – days) of hand stitching to go, and I can see the light in the distance.

Working 15My trusty helper – patiently waiting to steal something to chew!


1 thought on “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Oh Gosh – this looks suspiciously like a deadline I should be working to as well! This is going to look fabulous Louise – it looks like it will be pretty big.

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