“Lino Cut” Stamps

Using my son Callum’s drawings as inspiration, I have carved some stamp blocks from Lino Cutting“Soft Carving Blocks” purchased at Jacksons. The blocks are super easy to carve with Lino cutting tools and somewhat more forgiving than lino. They are thick enough to carve a design on both sides, so are more economical than first appear.


I drew my design directly onto the block and then carved away the sections I didn’t want to print. A test print shows I need to cut away more from the middle of this one.

Print 1The staining of paint on the stamp block makes it quite easy to see where I have made additional cuts after the print.

StampSince I will use these stamps for my cut away works (where I will stitch around the printed areas and then cut away the print), I want enough white space to show interesting background fabrics and large enough print areas to get the scissors in between the stitch lines.

This one won’t work as the lines are too thin. They say mistakes can lead to new ideas – here I think extra stitching and cutting away the negative spaces might just work.

Print 2And remember your stamp will be the mirror image of your print. Really important if you are using text.

Print and stamp 2Print and Stamp 1Stamp print repeat in silver on shirting fabric.

Stamp print repeat

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