Longevity in an Artistic Life

A recent WAFTA meeting honoured four octogenarian textile artist members – Peggy Buckingham, Judith Pinnell, Joy Knight and Margaret Regan. Peggy, Judith and Joy are all Life Members of WAFTA. Their contributions to textiles in Perth in the 70s, 80s and 90s through teaching, discovering and sharing new techniques have been of great benefit to us all. This is in the days before we could simply look up a technique on google, or be part of a like minded textile group on facebook. They were instrumental in starting textile groups such as WAFTA, 84 Group, FibresWest which are all still going strong today. All four of these ladies have a great passion for what they do and are still making work!

I truly hope I can still be making art in my 80s!

Austin Kleon‘s weekly newletter had a link to Carmen Herrera who is 101 this month and still exhibiting. She sold her first piece of work 81 years ago!

Towards my “Still Making Art” goal, I am currently – along with the rest of the committee,  doing a lot of admin work for twentyONE+. The exhibition opening in six weeks! It is starting to all come together and getting exciting.

WAFTA’s Memory and Commemoration exhibition has just finished in Busselton.

Last post Busselton

My work “Last Post” is the sheer organza piece, far left, Julia Sutton, front Diane Binns.

The latest projects are for OzQuilt Network Australia Wide Five – due too soon and “Brooching the Subject” I have been sun dyeing some silk organza for each project
Beetroot DyeingSun Dyed OrganzaNeither has turned out like my samples, but they are growing on me. (Dreadful photos thanks to very old camera – have since bought a new one!)

Beetroot Dyed OrganzaThe 40 x 40cm size for Australia Wide Five should be easy, although following the path of discovery “how would that work…” I am currently playing with four variations, none of which is developed enough as yet…

And slightly distracted – I made Ruby the sausage a sleeping bag

Ruby Sleeping Bag

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