Massive Distraction

11feb2015 004

Cushion with green leaf print is by Callum

The Massive Distraction (Mini Dachshund named Ruby) has arrived and truly settled into our household. Here she is with ownership of her spot on the couch in my studio. She is very well behaved for a puppy, although a gorgeous distraction from getting any sort of work done.

School has now commenced for the year and although that means less time due to the various work/school routines and being a taxi service after school commitments, I do find I actually achieve more. I know sometimes that odd hour before dinner prep is the only opportunity to get some printing or machine stitching done. I plan time ahead for the other steps required to start new work. This is often much more productive than giving me a whole free day to work which gets wasted on important stuff like emails and washing. I also find the time spent doing mundane things like driving in the car, going for a walk or having a shower is when the creative challenges are resolved. In my head anyway!

Print set up 2

A simple set up on the washing machine, in the laundry, but it works well.

These were printed  a couple of days ago for a new large canvas I have in mind.  Printing Stamp printing 1 Stamp printing

Yesterday afternoon I made a series of transfer prints for the under layer. The actual fabrics are lovely, the colours here are a bit off – I had the time to print although not enough time to photograph them well.Transfer print 1 Transfer print 2  Transfer print 4 Transfer print 5 Transfer printsI have a few projects on the go at present and now back into my usual routine, I am feeling quite good about them.


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