May – Orange

Colour Project – Part 1, Orange

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow” – Wassily Kandinsky

“Orange is the happiest colour” – Frank Sinatra

Amber, Warning, Mandarins, Ranga, Oranges, Citrus, Poppy, Autumn, Apricot, Tangerine, Sienna, Terracotta, Egg Yolk, Vermillion, Mangos, Red Heads, Copper, Brass, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Flame, Slow Down, Cumquat, Fire, Safflower, Halloween, Safety, Agent Orange…

Orange is fun, vibrant, energetic, warmth, changing leaves, setting sun, citrus fruit, the setting sun. It stimulates emotions and appetite …it has less intensity or aggression than red and is calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. It demands attention, is used to denote a transition or change between two opposing factors, it’s a colour of power and healing.

 Not used in interiors since the 1970s overload, but used a lot in supermarkets – soft drinks, sunscreens…colour therapists say those surrounded by orange feel cocooned and protected, it gives confidence to initiate new projects. Orange also represents resistance movements around the world, signifies strength and bravery.

Orange elicits strong love or hate more than any other colour…

“Orange it seams, may be the best colour choice for the competitive player. Though rare in golf apparel and only the seventh most popular colour among American consumers, orange is jovial, warm, energetic, forceful and a subjective impression of exuberance. It is associated with fruitfulness, adventure, vigor and wholesomeness, plenty of which exists in golf and on the PGA TOUR” – Micheal Patrick Shiels

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