Memory and Commemoration

WAFTA has a new members’ exhibition Memory and Commemoration opening at the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair 2015  Wednesday 20 – Sunday 24th May 2015.

The exhibition theme was chosen as a broad spectrum theme (honour, celebration, tribute, reminiscence, recollection and memorial) to embrace those who came before us and give expression to events that shaped our lives.

The theme allows free range to members’ creativity in whatever medium they choose.

This is a detail of my piece Last Post.

Last Post Details 2 WAFTA have made a set of lovely promotional postcards for the exhibition. Just a taste of the works to come…

Di & JanL – Diane Binns , “As we that are left grow old…”    R – Jan Arnold, “440 Days

Julia and JoyceL – Julia Sutton, “Not a Bed of Roses”  R – Joyce Tasma, “Conscience 1&2

Rosie & LouiseL – Rosie Whitehead, “Romanian Ramble”  R – Louise Wells, “Last Post

Marianne & AlciraL – Marianne Penberthy, “Reconstructed Memory”  R- Alicia Valsecchi, “Don’t Take Away My Memories

Katie & CherryL – Katie Firkins, “Veiled”   R – Cherry Johnston, “Beyond the Blue

I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibition, along with the stories behind the pieces. I will be on roster at the show Friday morning, please come and say hello.

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