Monet’s Garden

Colour Project – Green, Part 11

In 2008 at the end of a wonderful European family holiday I was able to fulfill my dream of visiting Monet’s Garden in Giverny France.  It was quite an effort to get there, with several  challenges along the way. For me it was absolutely worth the effort.  Stunning displays of colourful flowers, the reflections in The Water Garden, I could see how Monet spent the later years of his life painting the Water Lilies series. We took a lot of photos…I printed some of these photos on the fabric sheets that you can use to print images from your computer…then what to do with them…they evoked such strong memories of the garden I didn’t know how to do them justice…not wanting to just plonk the image in a piece of work…So four years later, I’ve chopped them up!

As a piece of textile I think they work better…

Below is a print from the Breakdown Printing workshop that I have coloured with chalks and made permanent with textile medium.

Below a print from the same screen with hand stitch added.

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