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During the Christmas break we watched lots of cricket, read books and generally lazed about. My husband had a long overdue shirt purge. 20 + shirts, wrong size, outdated style, loved but worn out (for business wear) and a few “what was I thinking”! 12 went straight to the studio. The fabrics are quite lovely, subtle weaves, stripes and pattern.

ShirtsThe sleeves have gone through a “Velvet Black” Dylon dye bath. I am really pleased with resulting silver/grey/black variations due to the fibre content mix and time left in the dye bath.

Dyed ShirtsI threw in a few pieces of silk too.

Dyed SilkIt’s back to the studio full steam now. Common Threads Wearable Art submission is due before the end of January. I am very pleased relieved my garment is ready to be photographed!
The WAFTA juried exhibition twentyONE+ deadline is the end of February. I have 1.5 of 3 works ready for this. I’m on the committee so have a commitment to ongoing admin work during this time and well into the year. I am looking forward to the entries arriving!

2 thoughts on “More Dyeing

  1. I am in a major ‘deadline block’ – can’t seem to lock in the Common Threads creation – getting lots of other bojagi and deconstruction work done – very frustrated but I work fast once everything is locked in. Annoying as I have had good lead in time to make my entry – pulling out isn’t an option so let’s see what the next few days bring.!!! I’m planning on entering the Twenty one show too – nice to hear you are all set to go Louise – that peps me up!!!!

    • I know that “deadline block” well. I can have it all planned out and then the idea falls apart… so frustrating. I know it is part of the process of making…
      Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and glad to hear you are planning to enter twentyONE+

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