More Sheers


Colour Project – White Part 3

In these pieces I have stitched 8 layers of very sheer polyester organza. The first sample shows the gradations of white through to clear. I like how you can maintain the strength and structure using these “Clear” layers in a piece.

8 layers again and cut through the middle of the rows. Quite difficult to fold…would like to do this on a larger scale – less layers and further apart.


I am trying to keep all the pieces in an A5 format, mostly so they don’t take all day and become the only textile work I have time to do. It is challenging sometimes to work in the scale required to show the design, technique, pattern or idea.



Cut closer to one side of the row of stitching. Then folded back over itself.

Again, larger scale OR would it look like a venetian blind!





This was a disaster. I cut strips and rolled them back to alternate ends and stitched to secure. Became a big nothing in the middle…I’ve since put the ends together and framed it for the photo and it has some potential…



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