More Sun Dyeing

I have the results of the latest sun dye jars. Unlike me, silk organza and silk 1 ply combined with purple carrots and beetroot have been enjoying our hot Perth December.

Sun dye beetroot 4Sun dye beetroot 3Sun dye Beetroot 2Sun dye BeetrootSun dye purple carrots 2Most of these pieces of fabric are left over scraps from previous projects and samples. Stitching and printing prior to dyeing has produced lovely soft, worn like pieces. I am not sure if I’m ready to stitch a whole work and then dye it. It’s the opposite way I would usually work and more risky…

Sun dye purple carrotsSun dye carrotsThis is the time of year that we review what we have achieved in the past year. Alyson Stanfield of Art Biz Blog suggests using her The See Plan. Creativity, Commitment, Clarity, Community, Connection, Confidence, Completion and Celebration to structure the review. I spent time on this yesterday, it was great to review how little and how much I have done. It was well worth doing. It got me thinking about plans other than just the obvious “making art” deadlines.

4 thoughts on “More Sun Dyeing

  1. Post stitching dyeing is definitely risky but doesn’t it produce a wonderful cohesion in the work? I must dig ut a piece I made a couple of years ago from all sorts of natural fibres and dunk it in a dye bath. Won’t use solar dyeing though as I don’t have a glass jar anything like big enough! Will follow up the See Pln and thanks for pointing to it! Happy New Year !

  2. Lovely results from your sun dyeing – can understand not wanting to dye after a lot of stitching but smaller elements to be assembled later could be a way to go?

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