My First Indigo Dye Bath

Colour Project – Indigo, Part 3

Indigo dyeing has been somewhat of a mystery to me up until a few months ago when I attended a dyeing workshop with Trudi Pollard at her studio. Trudi had three well loved, long lived indigo vats for us to use. She took great care to keep them warm by the fire, told us about how temperamental indigo can be and she showed us how to very carefully slide the fabric into the vat without disturbing the surface too much so as not to expose the liquid to the air.

I have also been reading about praying to the Indigo god for a good dye vat…

So with some trepidation I prepared my own bath using Kraft Kolour Indigo power. I was delighted with the success of this first attempt…

Above – A Doughnut on cotton sheeting. This design is made by rolling fabric around a piece of thick rope and gathering the fabric together very tightly.

Also on cotton, this concertina folded fabric is then pegged along the folds.  Simple and effective…I use it quite often.

Another really simple method – scrunched up silk habutai tied with elastic bands. Right is a close up. The main aim of these samples was to show that the dye bath worked – So I didn’t spend a lot of time on the resist techniques.

This piece uses plastic packaging disks of cheap sewing pins. The pins are terrible, but the disks make great resists…this piece is about 70cm wide and I only had 4 disks, more disks would create more distinct circles.

Another smaller piece in Silk Dupion.

Plastic clips on Silk Organza. Below – Polyester Organza, both fabrics have been layered to show the depth of colour.


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