Opening Night

The Hidden Revealed Transformed opening on Friday night was a great success.

A lovely night spent with family and friends to celebrate over a year of planning.MELD Opening 023

MELD Opening 061MELD Opening 030My Cathedral Windows Series

MELD Opening 099The delightful Minky G who performed beautifully all night. She has a new CD launch very soon. Can’t wait!MELD Opening 048 MELD Opening 044 MELD Opening 039 MELD Opening 053With the Arts Officer extraordinaire, Barb Thoms MELD Opening 059Some of my favourite bar staff – my husband Steve and my Dad.

MELD Opening 070Margaret Ford, Liz Arnold, Louise Wells and Julie Devereux (MELD Arts)MELD Opening 081The gorgeous Jan Mullen declares the exhibition open

MELD Opening 083My darling husband Steve in another role – this time as MC MELD Opening 085With Artist Laura Cole, who in a previous life was my high school art teacher and the first of several significant women who have encouraged, supported and inspired me to pursue my art practice.MELD Opening 092My beautiful daughter Olivia helped with the catering all night.MELD Opening 056Thelma Johns, wonderful manager at Gallery Central. Thank you for all your advice and assistance.

As you can see an event like this only happens with the support of a wonderful family and great friends. For this I am truly grateful.

Now if you would like a more balanced view of the opening see MELD or you can wait until my next post where I will showcase everyone’s work.

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