Patience is a Virtue

Colour Project – Brown Part 2

Brown leads me to think of the textile artists I know and admire who work with natural dyes, the amazing range of colours they achieve from leaves, flowers, fungi, bark, rust…

Natural dyeing  is mostly a mystery to me as I have only ever dunked a few pieces of fabric in a dye pot that someone else had prepared at a workshop. Although pleased by the result, I had no idea how to replicate it.

Therefore my challenge for brown is to try natural dyeing…I realise this is going to take lots of patience – dye pots boiling, fabrics steaming, rusting…take hours, days and in the case of sun dyeing – all month.


Jars prepared for Sun Dyeing – from top left, Bark Chips, Puff Balls, Geranium flowers, Bark Chips, unknown succulent, Tea Leaves, Tea Leaves and Puff Balls. The fabrics are silks and cottons. Results – not until the end of June.

Thanks to the lovely Trudi Pollard for showing this technique at her recent Indigo Dyeing workshop.


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