Pop Up

Pop Up is the theme for the 29th Edition of the Miniartextil exhibition in Como, Italy.

I am excited to have my work Sea Enemies selected for the associated Cultura Diffusa project in the historical Como city centre.

28th September – 17 November 2019.

Artist Statement

Firmly attached to its base, the Sea Anemone inflates its body and extends its tentacles to catch unsuspecting prey. Bright and colourful: The curious and unwary may be tempted to have a closer look. This shape changer can creep around on its base and even drift to a new location in search of a good feed. Left in its wake a trail of plankton, crabs and fish stung or paralysed by this poisonous predator.

4 thoughts on “Pop Up

  1. Oh Louise outstanding to be accepted in such a Cultural event overseas is just amazing and a credit to all your brilliant ideas. Well done

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