Colour Project – Green, Part 8

I’ve just received a few new books in the post one is Create Your Own Hand Printed Cloth by Rayna Gillman. She encourages you to use every day objects (things you find in the kitchen, shed and office) to print, stamp and use as rubbings.

These first two samples are on polyester satin that was previously transfer printed.

Above – Stamp printed with fabric doilies. Below – Circle foam stamps I have made and a  piece of foam grid. In the book Rayna talks about using the same objects in different ways, such as using it as a stamp or rubbing and also as a stencil using the negative spaces.

These two are cotton fabric that have previously been coloured with a wash of printing ink. I’ve then used patterned ceramic tiles for the prints.

Below – using the same tiles as a rubbing plate on transfer printed polyester satin.

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