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With a two week break from working on my wearable Art piece, and starting again at the point where the next set of decisions need to be made, has proved to be difficult. A couple of weeks ago Austin Kleon referred to Oblique Strategies a deck of cards by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt to help their creative processes when stuck. Austin has made his own set on a pack of playing cards. I loved the idea, stole a few of his and was inspired to make my own set. I probably have about 40 now, from notes in my visual diary, various other resources and my own thoughts.

Here are a random few-
BIGGER…smaller… 3D?
Go back to the original notes/ideas
What IS working?
Read a book instead
Go for a walk
Keep going
Tidy up the studio
No Struggle, no progress
Strengths? Weaknesses?

The beauty of this is it is all in one easily accessible place. And somewhat up to chance…

Flipping through a few cards, “Try a mind map of the project” Two pages of mind mapping (which I have never done before) Starting right back at the beginning of the idea, connecting to the theme, the criteria…a lengthy process, but one that has helped to clarify the direction of the next step and a develop a more solid vision for the piece. Back to the sewing machine!

It has been a week of good progress (with a deadline “I am going to finish this by Christmas”) I can finally see the work taking shape.

Tree 3Tree 4

Christmas is just around the corner. My Dad made me this wonderful Christmas Tree at the Men’s Shed from old pellets. Our 7 foot tree covered in tinsel and decorations is not an option this year with the puppy. This is the perfect solution!



7 thoughts on “Processes to get started

  1. Love the tree! I’m at the niggly last-few-things stage that I deplore with one of my garments – all the tidy-up, re-fit, tighten-this and loosen-that. Another one is just beginning, and idea that I have to keep putting aside to finish the first. Plus, I’m re-decorating a pair of shoes. Just because. đŸ™‚

  2. I forgot to add, I’m a list girl. In the beginning I list all the possibilities/materials/techniques. At the end I list all the tidy-up jobs. And in between I cross out, change, add, go off on a tangent….

  3. Seems a great idea Louise. I saw a set of just one worders at the podiatrist the other day, which was great too. Love the Christmas tree.

  4. Very helpful list Louise! I have a similar one that includes
    .walk away from it and turn around suddenly
    .turn it upside down
    .can it be folded up?

    I also find it helpful att eh end of a project that involved a lot of original planning and measurement/calculations to write notes on “what I actually did”. It’s often quite a bit different but not so as to negate the investment in planning.

    I too love the tree. It’s got a kind of Rosalie Gascoigne feel to it. Make it a perennial and ditch the tinsel covered tree?

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