Red Dyeing Day

I recently attended a Red Dyeing workshop with Trudi Pollard at her wonderfully relaxing hillside studio.This was a day to explore natural red dyes – Madder, Cochineal, Lac and Purple Carrots…

Trudi had samples to show how the colour achieved is influenced by mordants such as tin, iron, copper and also by the type and weight of fabric used.

Dyed pieces straight from the pots, purple carrots in stainless steel, copper and iron pots.

Purple carrots – great for dyeing but be careful if you cook with them, I’m told they turn everything a sludgy gray…

Now firstly, this was a red dyeing day. I think I managed to produce every colour BUT red…

I do love some of the results I achieved though, especially the Purple Carrots and Cochineal.  Above and below – Cochineal dyed Habutai silk

Cochineal on Cambodian silk organza

Cochineal with copper also on organza

The next four are Cochineal with Iron

Below – Lac, also on Habutai Silk.

Below – Purple carrots on Cambodian silk.

Dyed in purple carrots then partly dipped in a soda ash solution.

Purple Carrots in a copper pot

The next two are purple carrots in an iron pot. The first on silk organza the second on cotton.

We used two varieties of Madder, this one from India, both sides of the same piece of Cambodian silk.









Lastly, Holland Madder – the closest I got to red all day…bottom left was part dipped in vinegar post dyeing.

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