Colour Project – Orange, Part 4

My Mum gave me these lovely orange roses from her garden on Mothers Day…just so happens to be Mothers Day in May in Australia. Another reminder of the orange things I do like.

This has been one of the most difficult samples to photograph. The fabrics are too similar in tone, along with the shiny fabric… It’s made of two alternating strips, one a polyester satin with an orange transfer print, the other a cotton, both with the same wood block print, then folded back and forward along the seams. It is inspired by a piece I saw in a hotel foyer which had much more contrast between the fabrics, larger scale and was attached to a zig zag shaped board to keep the folds evenly spaced.



This is a similar idea, with the seams top stitched. Both fabrics being shiny  photograph better.


A bit of a change – slashed, twisted and stitched.


(above and right) I was trying to achieve a sort of slice of corrugated cardboard…went a bit off track…but interesting.




Patchwork look inspired by the stunning work of Elsje van Keppel.   I saw “Presence”, a retrospective exhibition of Elsje’s work  at the Ellenbrook Gallery. Perth in August 2011, where she had worked with beautiful silk organza fabrics dyed and re-dyed in natural plant dye baths over a number of years. A video of her working on these pieces was shown at a recent WAFTA meeting. Her sensitive way of working left the entire audience in state of blissful calm…

I can’t find a good web based source of information about Eljse, although if you google her name there are many incidental mentions of her and the wonderful influence she had in so many textile artists lives.

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