School Holidays

It is summer school holidays for another few weeks and my daughter and her friend had been asking to make some tie dyed t- shirts. They had fun painting these.

Tie dye T Shirts

Below – These were concertina folded and fairly tightly tied with string, then dip dyed. The girls are very pleased with the results, although didn’t like the waiting and endless rinsing. Not really a surprise.

Girls in their shirts

I had seen a gorgeous skirt in a magazine with red stripes, I think made with organza and some sort of flock. For a while I have wanted to try to create this with dye on a piece of cotton /silk voile. I concertina folded (roughly) and bound sections with elastic bands. I then painted the dye in the areas I wanted.  I wasn’t sure how the dye would penetrate the layers or how much it may bleed into other sections. I am quite pleased with the results. I plan to make a top from this fabric. I have found this silk / cotton voile to be lovely and cool to wear in our hot summer.

Red stripes

Not wanting the left over dyes to go to waste, I scrunch jar dyed some fabrics for my stash. I’m hoping the red will work with an indigo piece I am planning.

Red scrunch dyed Black scrunch dyed

This on cotton voile I will also make into clothing.

Dyed 1

2 thoughts on “School Holidays

  1. I love the girls t shirts, it is great that they wanted to do something creative…. The retro ‘tie dyed’ shirts look very ‘now’!

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