Second Indigo Dye Bath

Colour Project – Indigo, Part 4

There is something about dyeing days with other people, the joy of the unveiling of a little folded or stitched package, the oohs and aahs… it is so much more fun. So I invited Liz, Margaret and Julie along for my second indigo dyeing session. We used the Synthetic Indigo vat from the previous week and I made up a Kraft Kolour Natural indigo vat as well. Julie brought along a previously mixed batch that had been exhausted, although still produced a very pale blue shade.







Margaret watching some of our pieces change from green to blue as the indigo comes in contact with the air. Below – Liz checking one of her pieces.



Liz dyed this crocheted top, it is forever fascinating to watch as the colour changes and deepens…

I threw in a couple of balls of crochet cotton. The one on the right started out as a cornflower blue and I have only half dipped it.

A couple of days later, this is the result when dry.

In this second dye bath I decided to try some of the more labour intensive stitch resist techniques in Shibori:The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Mary Kellogg Rice and Jane Barton.

Chevron stripes (maki-nui shibori)

Half dip on silk wrapped around a sushi rolling mat.

Pegs again…

Japanese Larch (karamatsu shibori)


(hira-nui stitching)

Elastic bands above and clip below as seen in second photo.

Right (komasu shibori)

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