Colour Project – Yellow, Part 5

The “new” Bernina sewing machine I bought a couple of years ago (which I do love) is a bit fussy with some machine threads. It especially dislikes one brand of machine embroidery thread of which I bought 3 packs (36) reels…the old basic Bernina  that I’ve has for nearly 30 years has chugged it’s way through everything including caravan annexe canvas… So what to do with all that embroidery thread? I’ve been crocheting it 2 & 4 ply in chain stitch and then French knitted it. It looks great – although it’s on the back burner while I think of it’s future.

Above is some more of that machine embroidery thread 2 ply crocheted and stitched onto a “yellow” stamp print.

I know these next samples don’t look very exciting, but they are stitched on my Singer Treadle. It took a couple of days,  a can of WD-40 lubricant spray and a lot of leg muscle to get it moving…I don’t think it had been used for many, many years. The treadle came with all sorts of attachments to make ruffles, pleats, tucks, blind hems, quilting, braiding and shirring. I had great plans to use them…I think it would take daily/weekly use though to get it to the point of running consistently well.

A happy coincidence at this time was an email from a friend who had just bought a singer treadle and mentioned that if you knew the serial number you could find out where and when it was manufactured.  Mine was born on December 2 1935 in Clydebank, Scotland. If this thrills you too, see –  Singer Serial Numbers

By the way, I still have the “old Bernina”.



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