So close and yet so far…

As I’m writing this I am close to my self appointed deadline of the end of this month, to have all my work finished for my exhibition in November Of Our Time – Ordinary Lives My studio and our house is covered in dust thanks to the endless cutting fabric into small bits and reassembling.
I was actually a little bit ahead of my deadline and that is a problem. In that I thought Ooh, I could see that exhibition…and that other one…and maybe go out to dinner. You know, have a social life like other people. There goes the weekend. And then over the past week or so, so close to being finished a few unexpected challenges consume my days. The washing machine hoses leak and flood /stink out the laundry, the dog starts limping – will this be the second trip to the vet in a fortnight? A car is purchased for our daughter = an afternoon sorting out insurance, money and collection of the car.With a couple of days to go I have officially finished making!!!As I have mentioned to friends that my work is almost finished, they comment on how organised I am. November seems a long way off. There are still many steps other than making work in order to prepare for an exhibition – attaching work to canvases, backings, hanging devices, all leading up to photography day mid September. And on to catalogues etc.



2 thoughts on “So close and yet so far…

  1. Fantastic Louise, your work is so inspiring ! Plus studio looks so warm and snug. I am really struggling with getting out to the garage on cold, windy winter days down here in Melbourne. Somehow it isn’t as inviting with the door closed even though I have a light and a heater. I will have to sort something out before next year. Unfortunately mosaics isn’t really a pastime one can easily bring indoors due to pieces of glass flying off in every direction.

    • Thanks Janette! My work needs to fit in and around everything else…the family, household and time available. It’s a big part of the reason I make the type of work I currently do. Maybe mosaic work is a summer activity…could you design works and research in the cold winter months?

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