Some Progress and Many Distractions

The past few weeks have been filled with some lovely studio distractions. A couple of wonderful birthday celebrations, gallery visits and time away at the beach for Easter have all been delightful, but there is the frustration of not enough time in the studio and that time is ticking by, ever closer to the exhibition date.
 The amount of physical time required in the studio at the sewing machine, hand stitching, printing, cutting etc is huge…for all of my artworks. The daily practice of going to the studio and continuing from where I left off, slowly adds up to create my work. It is mostly a calming and meditative part of my day and I really miss it and get frustrated when I “don’t have time” to be in the studio.
 Having said that, I also know that time away (on holiday), visiting galleries, seeing friends, and even the daily drive to take my son to work, all help me process the work, think in a different way, make new connections and what if?…
The progress that was seemingly very slow, has leapt forward thanks to one of those aha moments in the car last week.
 Also in this busy time, the judging day of Wearable Art Mandurah was held, and I am delighted to have Light into the Darkness and the work of two of my [email protected] 2018 participants selected for the showcase June 9 -10. Tickets are selling fast

Photo by; Stephen Heath Photography

Photo by; Stephen Heath Photography

I was also very happy to received notification that two of my works have been selected for Petite Miniature Textiles exhibition at Wangaratta Art Gallery, Victoria, opening 2 June!

Lastly, the images below are from the stunning sculptural installations by Zadok Ben-David: Human Nature at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. It finished tomorrow 20 April, well worth a visit if you have some free time tomorrow.

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