Some Progress on a Stormy Day

We have had a wet and stormy weekend in Perth. After a few weeks of trialling samples for my latest work, Sunday was the perfect day to stay indoors and get on with it!

Paper DoilliesOver a month ago I cut out these paper doilies whilst watching TV. Simply cutting, not with any great consideration to the result, just playing. They sat pinned to the design board for a few weeks and then I have trialled printing, stamping, reworking, stitching, redrawing.Printing 10 On Friday I dyed a batch of fabrics to bring the colours to something tonally similar. I used a dylon multipurpose dye as some are silks, some blends of other things.This image doesn’t show the full range of fabrics I dyed. Some were strong pinks and bright greens. The  error in photography after the event…Printing 1 A final six motifs were planned and initially printed. A little more refining and stitching and I decided to use the two strongest motifs only. I printed about 100 of these motifs in just over an hour.Printing 2 Printing 3 While I was cleaning up the screens in the laundry, I noticed some colour on this stormy grey day. The last of the leaves of our neighbour’s Chinese Tallow Tree and an orange creeper. Printing 5 The greens in our own backyard were also more vibrant, not washed out by the sun. Printing 7 Then the sun came out…Stunning, glistening, autumn leaves. Printing 8 After the stormy night I am sure there are very few leaves left on the tree now.Printing 9There was more vivid orange in our lentil soup cooking on the stove as I printed. What a contrast to my fabric choice!



2 thoughts on “Some Progress on a Stormy Day

  1. This piece would be great or MELD next year . Would echo some of my crochet motifs! This is a dumb question probably, but how did you print? Surely not with ink on the paper?

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