Soy Wax

Colour Project – Green, Part 9

These two samples are made from the cut away scraps from my “What Shines Through”  piece. Left – on polyester satin, right – on dyed woolen blanket, both attached with visoflex. The hand stitching is experiments using The Right-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion by Yvette Stanton. A great reference book!

More than a year ago I purchased some Soy Wax. I really wasn’t overly excited to try it due to my experiences with Batik in years gone by, and fabric that never lost that stiff waxy feel.

I am delighted that Soy wax washes out very well in hot soapy water and the original hand of the fabric is retained. These samples below have been previously dyed except for No.2 and painted with diluted printing paint after the soy wax was applied. A Tjanting and paint brush blobs were used to apply the wax in the first two.

Fork prongs and a wooden block were used to apply the wax below.

Below – This piece was originally dyed with a shibori triangle fold resist, hence the dark shadow.  Wax is applied with a paint brush.

Above – Wooden blocks and below – Fork prongs used to apply the wax.

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