Spring has arrived!

Spring has arrived in my garden…even if it has only just arrived on the calendar! Completely ignored, and much to my delight, these Irises reappear every yearimage



Today in the second session of the Draping course we were asked to bring along a couple of images we found interesting and 3m of fabric. I liked this image below for the subtle colour, the shapes and texture. We were asked to use the shapes in our image to section the dress form to move away from conventional dress lines.


After several attempts to divide the dress from with draping tape, I found pinning the fabric directly gave me the shapes I was after. I wanted to create the textural lines in the clam shells so starting at the hip I gathered the loose knit jersey with a running stitch. (thanks to Textile Traders buy 2 get one free I have lots of this fabric) A second  section has been started…lots more to do next week.

image image

image image image photo6 image


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