Step Four – Finished!

“Blossom” is finished ready for delivery tomorrow.It has been a fun and fast process. Below are the last few stages making the garment.

Finish 1Placement of the flower motifs, both on the corset and possibly skirt.Finish 2Length of the skirt. I really like the batik border, unfortunately there isn’t quite enough fabric in length and most sections the full width of the pattern is missing due to the cut out of the original shirt. Finish 3I’ve trialled placements of the flower motifs on the skirt, including smaller ones from the scrap fabric. Finish 4There just aren’t enough of them and even though the border complements the garment, I don’t feel the half width border is strong enough. I feel keeping the skirt plain and simple will best highlight the corset and therefore the fairly fashionable? fabrics.Finish 6Whilst thinking about this I finish the corset with a lacing made from the skirt lining fabric. I quite like the lacing starting from the centre front of the corset. (It can also add a level of security! – not that the corset will move as there is plastic boning and lacing holding it up)Finish 7I also considering making another necklace like this one I made from CDs for another garment. The colour matches beautifully. It’s a case of necklace or front lacing though…Finish 9I’ve increased the number of lacings. It looks better, although a lot more time consuming for the model to dress and undress.Finish 11Stitching the flower motifs with colonial knotsFlower 1 Flower 2 A little reminder of what I started with –

FF1 003FF1 001FF1 002

The finished garment!Blossom Front detailBlossom back detailBlossom Front Blossom Back Fairly Fashionable? Challenge garment parade is on:-


FRIDAY April 24th 2015
Doors open 6.30pm, show starts 7pm
Victoria Hall, 179 High Street, Fremantle
$20 in advance (click below) | $25 on the door

The challenge culminates on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th
April 24th marks the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Dhaka Bangladesh, where 1133 lives were lost (with many hundreds more injured) – with devastating long-lasting effects on families and friends


6 thoughts on “Step Four – Finished!

  1. Well done. Great effort. Love the ‘back-lacing’ and allows the flowers on front to be feature. Love the model’s smile!!

  2. Fantastic! You do realise that now we’ll all spend longer in op shops because we’ll be looking at all the men’s shirts in a totally new light. I am amazed at the transformation from shirt and bag to this very feminine ensemble. And your model has got just the best smile on the planet πŸ™‚

  3. This is an amazing transformation – the finish on your work is beautiful! Really think this page needs a small pic at the end showing the original shirt n bag – it’s unbelievable πŸ™‚

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