Step Two – The commitment

Playing with ideas is the fun part of a project, all the possibilities… With just over a week a decision had to be made. placing pattern piecesI have decided to made a corset style top and then hopefully this will lead me to the best option for the skirt. At this stage I plan to use silk organza from  Silk Studio Cambodia for this. I am thinking of using some of the flower motifs on the skirt, so I am saving these sections. I have placed all the corset pattern pieces on the fabric, matching up the batik design, making sure I have enough for each panel. My trusty studio assistant was not much help here.Studio assistantThe scariest moment was cutting into the fabric, fully aware this is all I have, no going down to Textile Traders if I run out or make a mistake. All the pieces were cut out correctly, sewn together, ironed, placed on the model…can you see the problem?Oopsbodice 1Two unfortunately placed flower motifs!

2 thoughts on “Step Two – The commitment

  1. What hoot! oops unfortunate choice of word – actually with the wrap around stems and leaves, it look like you did that on purpose – just say you did and play it up! 🙂

  2. One person’s problem is another’s “quirky design approach”, especially on a corset style garment.. I could see what you meant of course but don’t find it at all glaring or inappropriate. I’m guessing you won’t be adding tassels though?

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