Stuck and unstuck

This blog post was supposed to be about hanging textile works…
That post is basically ready, now for a later date. During the past week the piece of work I have been considering, researching (for months) and making became stuck. Of course I know that idea in my head never quite pans out. The idea for the piece has changed, in quantity and shape, but it still wasn’t developing. I have lots of ways forward, but none that felt right.
I needed to get some fresh ideas, or at least escape for a while…

I joined the Quilt and Textile Study group visit to Quilted at Ellenbrook gallery on Saturday.

Melodie Symes detail

Suffolk Puffs by Melodie Symes – detail

Robyn Grubb detail

Memory Lane by Robyn Grubb – detail

Meg Cowie detail 2

Autumn Sunrise by Meg Cowie – detail

On Sunday to Mundaring Arts Centre exhibition with every fibre of my being. Artists Katrina Virgona, Trish Bygott, Trish Little, Bonnie Boogaard and Hannah Farleigh all spoke about their work. The exhibition finished on Sunday although you can view the work on the online catalogue.

Coincidentally, this week I have been looking online for textile artists, for their inspiration and processes as resources for WAFTA’s twentyone+ exhibition.

Then there is Austin Kleon who wrote Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work. I admit I am a raving fan of his work. I have just re read Steal Like An Artist – 10 things nobody told you about being creative. Reading his weekly newsletter is a most enjoyable part of my Saturday morning breakfast routine.


Not everyone is a raving fan

All of the above has been mixing around in my head. Keep going, the way forward comes from more work and happy accidents…

The real aha moment came whilst driving my son to dance class yesterday. I found a connection between the work and my inspiration for it. The original inspiration came from a very frustrating and seemingly endless application process. The making of the first stage of this piece has also seemed frustrating and endless. I have been cutting 5 cent piece sized circles, whenever I have been sure I had enough, I didn’t, more to cut, and more and more…

circlescirlces 2The process so far of making this piece has paralleled the frustration of the original inspiration for the work! This aha moment hasn’t resolved the piece, although it has helped me want to continue…without the frustration.


More scraps

My unstuck process involved getting some distance, some distraction, some inspiration…

3 thoughts on “Stuck and unstuck

  1. Keep going you’ll get there. May not be where you thought you were going but then that’s the fun of it. You could end up ‘anywhere’.Thanks for the Austin Kleon suggestion. Will need my own copy now.

  2. I found this very helpful Louise. You’ve borrowed well from Austin Kleon (surely that can’t be his real name?) by teaching while remaining a student! And by the look of those 5 cent sized pieces you’re also pushing your own boundaries!

  3. You are always keeping so busy and focused Louise. I’m sure it will all come together for you because you just keep at it until it does! Sometimes it’s when we stop and breathe and reflect, that the dots all join or we turn a new page. Look forward to hearing and seeing more about it.

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