Sun Dyeing Results

Colour Project – Brown, Part 13

The Sun Dyeing experiments got off to a rather bad start with an overcast sky and continual rain for the first week of the month. In normal circumstances I could have left the jars to brew longer, although I am quite pleased with the results obtained in a mostly cold and wet winter month. The jar photos are taken just before opening.

Tea leaves – Three silks and fine cotton.


Eucalyptus Leaves – Two silks and fine cotton. The silks are a beautiful motley ivory colour.





Geranium flowers – Silk and light cotton. The strength of colour in the silk quite surprised me!


Succulent – Just a couple of pieces from the garden on a whim…Two silk and light cotton.


Puff Ball – This was a real surprise. As you can see the jar has orange/yellow fabric, when I washed this out, the large piece of silk became even brighter, almost fluorescent orange. Over the  next 10 – 15 minutes it softened to pale brown, then becoming a gorgeous chocolate brown. The right hand sample is silk organza and as strong a colour as the large middle silk satin.

Brown Onion Skins – Have produced some subtle orange/yellows.









Bark – Silk Habutai, light cotton and silk organza (which gave the strongest colour throughout the sun dyeing experiments).

In all the dyeing experiments – sun dye and boiling, the silk samples are far superior in colour.  Throughout the month I only used the leaves, skins, barks etc adding no mordants. I made a decision at the beginning  not to purchase chemicals, just to see what I could achieve naturally…

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