The Australian Dream


In 1961, my Mother-in-Law started her married life 500 km away from her family in a small WA mining town, her home a hessian hut. These humble dwellings honour women like her who have made their own luck in difficult conditions.

The trees inside the dwellings are inspired by Richtfest, an ancient German tradition celebrated when the last timber beam has been placed on top of a new house before the roof is covered. A small birch tree (in this case eucalyptus caesia) is nailed to the beam to appease the tree-dwelling spirits whose habitat has been disturbed in its construction. A toast is made to thank the builders and bring good luck to all that live there.DIMENSIONS: H 19-45cm, W 10-15cm, D 10-13cmMATERIALS: Eucalyptus caesia (Silver Princess), assorted gifted fabrics including mining sample Bags, vintage upholstery, Obi, print mat.Images below – On show at Hanging By A Thread, Holmes a Court Gallery @ no.10
TECHNIQUES: Coiling, hand stitch

2 thoughts on “The Australian Dream

  1. I love the way you find ways to interpret and tell stories that resonate of domestic lives lived quietly in our society. These charming houses tell a wonderful story, both personal and relevant to many other Australian families.

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