The Best Laid Plans…

Way back in March this year I wrote about cleaning up and rearranging my studio…last weekend I finally got back to it.Studio2I became very busy with twentyONE+ exhibition and then straight onto helping my husband with the launch his new book…the pendulum swung from 90% art to 90% office admin. Now to regain some balance…Studio 1Over the weekend I completely flipped the work spaces in the studio. The large desk is now under the window as a general work station AND sewing table. The Beverley Artist in Residence has a work table facing the window and that confirmed my decision to move everything around. Studio 6The smaller table that I used for machine sewing is now more like an island in front of the design wall. Studio 4The couch is now near the door. This means that my husband and the kids won’t have to climb over piles of stuff (can’t stay tidy AND work) to sit down for a chat. I have also thrown out moved on to loving homes a lot of good stuff that I really don’t need anymore. WAFTA have a spring stash sale soon and some kindy programs will benefit.Studio 7

I do believe, and it has been shown by many that you don’t need the perfect studio to be creative. However, I am amazed at how much better I feel over the past week working in the new set up.Studio 3I couldn’t throw everything out…the much treasured 1970s Woman’s Day Complete Guide to Handicrafts I received one Christmas as a young girl take pride of place.

6 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. It really does look good, Louise! I, too, found the WAFTA Spring Fling to raise money for an ongoing artist in residence program an excellent motivator for Round 1 of my clean-out and this blog of yours is about to provoke me into the second round. I love it that you didn’t throw out the truly loved and historic bits and pieces though. It gives your studio its character.

  2. Looks great Louise – I’m planning to do mine after the open studio art trail. It is well overdue to the point where it’s overwhelming & I can totally understand your enjoyment of your new work space.

  3. There’s nothing quite as cathartic as a good clear-out Louise, but I seem to wait until the layers of paper cuts, sewing threads, dried leaves and dog hair have reached extreme levels before I can get focused! I do like your work, which is inspiring, and good luck with your exhibition. (I’ve just joined a print making studio in Poole, Dorset, and am in my element, printing whenever I want, and HAVING to clear up properly for the next people!)

    • I find the same thing Jane. Creating artwork is a messy business…I tend to clean up at the end of a project or when I really can’t find a space to work. Your printmaking studio sounds ideal!

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