The Best Laid Plans…

I took a planned week away from Wearable Art to work in my garden, planting a small area where the kids cubby house has recently been removed and weeding, weta soiling, mulching…much needed for our Perth summer.

In the garden I found the Sun Dyeing jars prepared a month earlier. Three jars of purple carrots. I placed silk scraps from previous projects in each, some were stitched with poly cotton thread, some screen printed. The colours are lovely soft purples and the jar with soda ash added is a beautiful silver grey. This jar popped open and the carrots were rather mushy (maybe a little too long in the sun) Sun dye 1Sun dye 6

Sun dye 3Sun dye 4Sun dye 7Sun dye 5Another jar of berries from a neighbours tree stunk out the house when I opened it. I washed the silk several times and still had to leave it outside for days AND rewash before the smell is bearable. Any suggestions for removing bad smells from silk would be appreciated. The jar had been out for near on a year, the colour was honey like. I won’t bother with that again.Sun dye 2Coincidentally, Selvage Magazine has an article in the latest issue No.67 “Fragranced Fibres” about the history of perfumed fibres. Fragrance used in the final stages to disguise the foul smelling dye processes, during laundering and in storage chests to reduce insect damage.

I do love this lazy dyeing. I have refilled the jars, added a few more purple carrots, beetroot and avocado pips. There is almost instant colour in the carrots and beetroot jars and nothing in the avocado jar on the right. Clearly doing something wrong here. 🙁Sun dye 12Sun dye 11Sun dye 9These jars with soda ash are on a chair so the puppy (short legged Dachshund) can’t get to them!

With the plan to start working on my wearable art piece again last week, my son Callum had two days of vomiting and then my husband who had just thankfully arrived safely  home from Brussels and Italy, developed acute pain, a trip to the emergency dept of the local hospital, they suspect he passed a kidney stone. All plans astray, refocus on the most important thing – my family.

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  1. Love the mauve looking one with black stitching. I often wash in wool mix and sometimes with silk rinse with vinegar. Maybe soaking in eucalyptus oil diluted in warm water may help the odour.

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