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A close up look at the works of others recently has made me go WOW!

I was on roster at the Common Threads Wearable Art display at the Craft Fair recently, in the early morning quiet I took the opportunity to photograph some of the works in detail. These works looked spectacular on stage, this was the chance to see some of them up close, the techniques, construction methods, how they attach to the body…

Elizabeth MorleyElizabeth Morley’s Satori above and belowElizabeth Morley 2Jacq Chorlton’s A Dress to Im’press – made from flattened plastic bottle topsJacq ChorltonCapillary Action by Val Hornibrook – layers of feltingVal HornibrookThe Secret Garden by winner of the Youth Award Catherine KellyCathrine KellyHope Lights the Way by Julie SmithJulie Smith 1

An exhibition of 22 garments (including my work Fire Flies) will be on show at CASM 3 June – 3 July.

At the Quilt and Textile Study Group was privileged to see and touch Cynthia Harvey Baker’s collection of textiles from South Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan…Embroidery, batik, print, appliqué, patchwork, ikat weaving…
Most had stories of their history, purpose, technique and how they came to be in Cynthia’s possession.

I was taken by the detail. The simple stitch, the design, the colour combinations. Some were exquisite in the fine detail, others using simple stitch to create lovely patterns and designs.Quilt and Textile Study 16Tiny stitches below had us all guessing if this was really made by hand…Yes!Quilt and Textile Study 14

Quilt and Textile Study 13The back are just as interesting…Quilt and Textile Study 10

Quilt and Textile Study 7

Quilt and Textile Study 15Quilt and Textile Study 4Quilt and Textile Study 3Quilt and Textile Study 2Quilt and Textile Study 1Quilt and Textile Study 8Quilt and Textile Study 9

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  1. I spent a lot of time looking at the pieces on show at the Craft Fair myself. In many ways it was more rewarding than the commercial stands. Meeting two of the artists was a bonus and,yes the works are finished to the finest standards.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more at CASM on 18 June when the Quilt and Textile Study Group goes down for artists’ talks.

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