The Hairy Golden Retriever

With the realisation that an exhibition application  was just around the corner, I’ve been cutting, sewing, cutting and fraying pieces of indigo dyed fabrics in every spare moment for the past two weeks. There’s nothing like a deadline to get the inspiration happening…I can’t really show any of this piece yet, although below is the dress I made last weekend from a piece of fabric I dyed a few weeks ago.  The dress was made when I needed a break to re-think the original indigo plan.

Red dyed dress

Yesterday we saw a production of “Joseph and His Technicolour Dream Coat” which our friend Cassie starred in the lead role of Joseph. Not only is she a great singer and actor, she made her own stunning dream coat with the help of her sewing teacher.


And although not entirely textile related, our ” Very Hairy Golden Retriever” turned 12 yesterday. The textile part refers to the amount of dog wool I could have spun throughout the years from his forever moulting coat! I’m told it is very warm…


Not bad looking for an old boy is he?

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