The Inspiration of the Art of Others

It tends to happen in waves, lots of time spent working in the studio with occasional visits to galleries and other art events. Austin Kleon would say you need this balance of input and output.  I recently had a weekend full of art events. The last day of Evenline Kotai‘s beautiful exhibition Invisible Threads at Art Collective. Her work gives me both a sense of calm and blissful joy. Gorgeous busy detail whilst still creating an overall sense of unity, cohesion and emotion – something I am forever striving to do.

Saturday evening was the Lawley Art Auction. My work Dusk was auctioned with funds raised supporting the arts program at Mt Lawley SHS. Many, many years ago I attended a similar specialist high school arts program. It is lovely to be able to help support the next generation of artists.

Sunday I attended the Wearable Art Mandurah Showcase. I am delighted that two of the women, Meagan Howe and Ardea Murphy, that participated in my Wearable Art Mentor Group 18 months ago have won their respective categories in this years event! It is pure joy to be able to celebrate their wins with them and to feel that in some small way I have been able to help on their journey. See photos from the showcase here

For the first time in 6 years I was simply a member of the audience, rather than a nervous designer. I had a gap year from Wearable Art to give my full attention and time to my solo exhibition last November. After seeing the showcase I am again inspired. Lots of vague ideas floated around in my head. Many of these, as I considered them over the next few days disappeared due to lack of interest or practicality. Trust in the process, and one of these ideas has become stronger, clearer and compelling. I now know what I want to make, how, though is still a mystery!

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