They are not toilet paper rolls!

You can certainly tell where the world is at right now by the responses to my Instagram and Facebook post of this short video.

I purchased 18kg of recycled men’s business shirts from the Mega Barn Op Shop back in early February, as the base fabric for a body of work for a small group exhibition planned for later this year.

My preparation work was to wash the 93 shirts, cut out the back pieces, cut these into strips and then fold and roll the strips. I now have a colour palette / paint box ready to start.The reactions to the video, was “Wow!” and “I thought it was toilet paper rolls” ???? ☹

Almost all my events, workshops and exhibitions have been cancelled. My planned year, no longer…

It’s still, sort of, business as usual in the studio though, the work planned will hopefully show sometime in the future, if not now.

Making has always been my sanity, and the studio my sanctuary. Many works I have made have come out of the bad stuff that happens, it’s a way to deal with it. The process of making, getting in the flow, and of late the very repetitive task of cutting and rolling all these shirts has helped me on the emotional roller coaster we are all currently on. I simply walk into the studio and start where I left off. My hands engaged before my mind needs to be.

2 thoughts on “They are not toilet paper rolls!

  1. Louise don’t give up creating – find a fellow artist and sign up for the Global Textile Hub’s virtual exhibition. When the name was chosen for “Re-imagined” a Collaboration with a Difference: Make the ordinary Extraordinary – we knew collaborating would be a challenge for many, but in this world of social distancing it will be even more so – however we’ve proved it can be done and the theme is perfect for you 🙂

    • Thanks Jo,

      I’ve actually got quite a lot of work to do! These shirts are for a large body of work that I know will be exhibited…just not too sure how soon. 🙂

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