Button Necklaces

I started making these button necklaces in 2012 when I “inherited” my mother in-laws’ button collection when she moved into a nursing home. They are admired when ever I wear one and really simple to make.

Button Necklaces 1

You need  – a good supply of flat buttons, a fine crochet hook and strong fine machine thread such as quilting or top stitch thread.

Fine Crochet Hooks

Fine Crochet Hooks – Most of these belonged to my Grandmother

Select your buttons

Select your buttons

I am going to assume you have a basic understanding of how to crochet. All you really need to know is how to do chain stitch. If you google “How to Crochet” you will find many sites with basic tutorials and videos to help you.

Setting out the Buttons

Setting out the Buttons

You can set out the buttons in the design you like or use the “Lucky Dip Method”  (Sort them into piles of colourways or selections that go together and then just use the first button I pick form the pile). Either way looks great.

Check the hook size

Check the hook size

The crochet hook you choose will need to be fine enough to fit through the holes in the buttons.


Leaving a good length of tail thread, start with a slip knot and then make a few chain stitches

Button 6

Loosely work the next chain stitch – push the hook through one of the button holes

Button 3

Collect the thread and go back out of the hole

Button 7

Complete the chain stitch

Button 5

Repeat the previous three steps with the second hole

Button 8

Finish the second chain stitch on the outside of the button

Button 9

Work a few more chain stitches.

Button 11

Continue working with each button in turn

Button 13Button 14

When you have reached the desired length for your necklace make sure you securely tie off the end so that you chain stitch doesn’t unravel. Make sure you leave a good length tail. Tie both ends together using a reef knot and then work the tail ends along back through the buttons.

A few tips – The colour of the thread you use can dramatically change the look of the final piece.

Try varying the number of chain stitches between the buttons and  vary the size of the buttons.

Have Fun!


6 thoughts on “Button Necklaces

  1. I love these necklaces, how creative.
    I have a raft of buttons I was not sure what to do with, I am now going to give this a try, what a great gift idea.
    Thank you Vonnie

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