Trying to find the colour in Black

Colour Project – Black, Part 3

I thought it might be interesting to see if I could make some black colour ‘splits”.  I’ve very basically tested all the pens, paints, dyes etc I have at hand by spraying with water. Most didn’t change, a few have a purple halo (interestingly one was a permanent marker), a Artline Fineliner became blue with a pink, green and blue bleed. The Dispersal powder dye right, bled deep blue and red. I am sure that tests with appropriate solvents on some of these art supplies I could get some interesting results, although I think I will leave this idea here…


This is the first sample of black on black. Using the flower stitcher attachment on my sewing machine.

First thought – I’m remembering that it is really hard to work with black at night.


A few more discharged samples. Applying chlorine bleach with a paint brush.


Layers of black fabrics – satin, chiffon, linen, cotton. Cut through varying layers.  I can see this in a larger piece.



Some of these fabric layers have a black on black print. The ‘shiny/dotty’ fabric is an iron on vilene.




The last set of the discharging theme – Using resists and dipping the fabric in a container of chlorine bleach. The bleach should be neutralized to prevent the fabric perishing long term.

Clothes pegs on linen.



Clothes pegs on cotton.



Cotton fabric tied with elastic bands.

Below left on linen, right below, folded and clamped.

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